Which are best foods for hair growth?

Brent Foust

I am experiencing hair loss in past few days? I am not getting all the nutrients required from the food that I consume. Can anyone suggest best foods for hair growth?


As a rule, the hair of men begin to slowly fall out from the top to 30 years, then the process accelerates. This may be due to testosterone levels in the body. With age, the level of this hormone decreases. To understand the cause of hair loss and poor hair growth you need to be examined by a doctor. In case there is a testosterone deficiency the doctor prescribes injections of testosterone. Such injections you will be able to administer yourself, subject to certain rules of https://www.kingsbergmedical.com/how-to-administer-testosterone-injections/ and on the prescription of a doctor. After the introduction of testosterone injections you will notice an improvement in the health of the skin and hair


The hormone such as dihydro-testosterone directly affects hair growth. It is a derivative of testosterone. It is considered the enemy of hair follicles and the main cause of baldness and hair growth.
So you need to consult a doctor


The best foods for hair growth include eggs, berries, fatty fish, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, and seeds. For healthy hair, you require adequate protein.

Denisa Avram

Hello. I have also had alopecia because of nutritional balances but it s much better now.i ve been a vegetarian. The most important nutrient is iron. Make a ferritin test it must be above 40 value. Only then your hair will begin to regrow. It s helps very much to take iron supplemes(most important) for a couple of months, take other supplements for hair growth from pharmacy. A proteic diet ia very important with a lot of chicken , fish, red meat. Other very important foods are nuts, mushrooms and other vegetables ,fruits. Hope it helps.

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Some of the best foods for hair growth include berries, eggs, spinach, nuts, fish and sweet potatoes. Even if after improving diet, your hair fall does not reduce, consult a Trichologist.