Which cannabis do you prefer?

Natali Demon Posted

Which cannabis do you prefer? Is it expensive? Why do you like this cannabis?

Maxim Bessmertniy

I also use CBD products to relieve my chronic pain. And recently I’ve also tried terpenes from FinestLabs.com/buy-terpenes/While relief does come from using CBD oil, whole plant therapy has been the most common use. Utilizing all the compounds and terpenes in the plant may just be the best way after all. Terpenes can intensify or downplay the effects of the cannabinoids.

Nikole Brown

I prefer using CBD oils. Also, I’m going to try terpenes.

Jogn Cartman Jogn Cartman edited answer

I don’t have any particular favorite kind of cannabis, so I can’t single out any one of them all. Each one is beautiful in its own way and has different effects. You should choose based on your own feelings, but not on the opinions of others, because each variety affects each person differently. If sativa makes me happy, it makes my friend sad. However, I know that you will like Herb CEO. I found it to be the best solution for me and my friends and I think you won’t turn down the opportunity to try it. What variety do you prefer?

Ryan Johnson

Sativa and cannabis are good options, try it


I smoke cannabis for medical purposes. I have some trouble with help, and cannabis helps me a lot. I can’t say that I have favorite strains, I like trying something new, but I usually smoke cannabis with low THC. And what about the price, then it depends. And it’s hard to say whether it’s expensive because I don’t know what is expensive for you. If you’re interested in medical cannabis, check this site http://bayshoremeds.com, where you’ll find more info about it, and maybe it’ll be useful for you.