Which compound is an unsaturated hydrocarbon?

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1 Answer

Hexanal B) Hexyne C) Hexanoic acid D) Hexane Correct Answer: Option B - Hexyne Unsaturated hydrocarbons are hydrocarbons that have double or triple covalent bonds between adjacent carbon atoms. Those with at least one double bond are called alkenes and those with at least one triple bond are called alkynes. Alkenes with two double bonds are called dienes. The physical properties of unsaturated hydrocarbons are very similar to those of the corresponding saturated compounds. They are slightly soluble in water. Except for aromatic compounds, unsaturated hydrocarbons are highly reactive and undergo addition reactions to their multiple bonds. Typical reagents added are hydrogen halides, water, sulfuric acid, elemental halogens and alcohols.3-Hexyne is the organic compound with the formula C2H5CCC2H5. This colorless liquid is the most common of the three isomeric hexynes. Incorrect Options Hexanal, or hexanaldehyde, is an alkyl aldehyde used in the flavor industry to produce fruity flavors. ... more
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