Which Eppendorf centrifuges and rotors can be used to spin 96-well PCR plates?

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1 Answer

The skirted 96 well PCR plate can be used with the Microtiter-Plate Rotor (order no.: 022638564) in Eppendorf Centrifuges 5804/R and 5810/R. It can also be used with the bucket for four microtiter plates (order no.: 022638068) for the 4 x 250 ml swing-bucket rotor in Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810/R. (Please notice that the buckets must have a beige base plate as well as recesses on the longitudinal side.) The nonskirted 96 well PCR plate can be centrifuged with this bucket set-up as well. However we recommend placing it in a skirted PCR plate to guarantee even more stability. Back to top * PCR Disclaimer: Practice of the patented polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process requires a license. The Eppendorf Thermal Cycler is an Authorized Thermal Cycler and may be used with PCR licenses available from The Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Its use with Authorized Reagents also provides a limited PCR license in accordance with the label rights accompanying such reagents.
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