Which is best bank for demat and online trading account?


Opening an account and trading Forex does not require a lot of capital. Many brokers will let you open a micro lot account with a few hundred dollars USD and check fbs . The cost of entry into Forex is very low.

Think of the dynamics at work here. You only need $250 to open a Forex micro lot trading account. Theoretically you could start by opening a very small Forex account and you could grow that account over time. It is possible. But there are hurdles to overcome.

The most important aspect of Forex trading is to learn how money is being made and lost and see where you fit in. You need to be on the right side of the order flow continuously in order to profit. There is no other way to get ahead.


forget about low brokrege in india icicidirect is largest online trading faccility so there brokrage is high due to his good service. think that icici bank is best to open d mat account instead of sbi capital securities because of following reasons: – 1- It is also a broker so in icici bank or icicidirect a trading account link with your saving account is open jointly to your d mat account so you are able to done online share trading. Some other online share trading service provider like reliance money is not a bank so if you want to trade online with there d mat account you will must to open a saving account in axis bank or icici bank. If you open account in sbi cap securities and link your saving account in sbi so this point is not apply on sbi cap securities. 2- It research service is best in research page of www.icicidirect.com you find so many updated tools to analysis a share. But site of sbi cap securities is new and some page in this site show under construction so if we compar