Which is the best antivirus software for Windows PCs (7 & 10)?

Colin Mcgeary

Microsoft Essentials is probably the best solution, mainly because it is free but it also does a better job than McAfee which is quite a bit of money. There is also things if you are just looking for internet security then BitDefender is the best, but it does cost money to get. If you are looking for the whole computer being defended then Microsoft Essentials is the best, but if you just want internet then I would say that BitDefender is the best

Lucas Bouson

Microsoft Essentials is free, smart and efficient.
Easy to use as well, I highly recommend this software by downloading it via this usefell website call ninite.com


As per my experience, I prefer McAfee is very effective in cleaning and detecting Malware, I tried Avast and Avg they consume a lot of resources of the system and gradually slow down your system.


As far as i know and from my experience quickheal is the best and it doesn’t slow down your system like Kaspersky . I suggest Quickheal. You can also download a trail version.