which mulch would repel deer the most...cypress or aromatic cedar?

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1 Answer

None of them worked well and the deer tore stuff up all the time rooting - and we wanted them in our yard, just not everywhere. We finally found Deer Off http://www.biconet.com/critter/deeroff.html This all natural environmentally friendly deer repellent keeps deer away from your plantings. Deer-Off is easy to apply, not harmful to humans, animals or the environment. It's solution produces an odor and taste factor that is offensive to animals but mild enough not to bother humans. This highly effective food-based product deters deer from browsing on valuable ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs, trees; keeps deer ticks away and discourages other browsing animals. Deer-Off will not harm the deer, but it does protect your plantings! The 32 oz Spray bottle treats up to 40-50 flowers and ornamental shrubs 4ft high (approx. 400-500 sq. ft.) The 32 oz easily-mixed Concentrate yields two gallons and treats 300-400 flowers a
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