Which of the following statements is true regarding the relationship of law and ethics?

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1 Answer

a. In some cases the law will require a higher standard of conduct than ethics, but never vice versa. b. Depending on the circumstances, the law can require a higher, lower, or the same standard of conduct as ethics demands. c. In some cases ethics will require a higher standard of conduct than the law, but never vice versa. d. The legal requirements will almost always be the same as the ethical requirements because the law is based on the ethical standards. 7a. Which of the following lists, in descending priority, of sources considered by most courts in settling questions of international law? a. Treaties, customs, conventions, comity. b. Treaties, customs, conventions, general principles of law. c. Treaties, customs, general principles of law, judicial decisions and teachings. d. Conventions, comity, customs, general principles of law. e. Conventions, treaties, comity, customs. 8a. Kathy needs to drive to a city some distance away. Kathy's car is in for repairs, so Kathy borrows ... more
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