Which online Poker sites are good for beginners?

Alexia Hunt

What’s a good place for a beginner to start playing poker online?


Whenever I started to play poker I tried many sites and stopped here https://onlinecasinos77nigeria.com/ , the best one ever ! They don’t con people , if you play good you will win and get your money this or that !


5here are so many of them you can try but I think most of them aren’t really good , they can be programmed to cheat you , I started to play this one https://africacasinos.co.za/ and six months passed now and I still play it. But I don’t like poker , I usually play blackjack . So, just give a try.

Tobes Tobess

I think that pokies are quite better, especially on mobile. We all use our phones more often than computer nowadays, that’s why this site is quite comfortable to use and suits to the beginners.


I like the excitement, too. Not a card. I like sports and football. I’m betting on football championships. It helps https://777score.co.uk/. This site always gives an up-to-date game schedule and match analytics.

Illinka Erika

I like the excitement. But I don’t play cards.