Which OSI layer uses the header information to reassemble the data segments into streams?

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application layer network layer presentation layer session layer **transport layer 40. Which three statements are true about transport layer protocols? (Choose three.) **The UDP transport layer protocol provides for low overhead data delivery. **The TCP transport layer protocol uses windowing and acknowledgments for reliable transfer of data. **The TCP and UDP port numbers are used by application layer protocols. The TCP transport layer protocol provides services to direct the data packets to their destination hosts. The UDP transport layer protocol is a connection-oriented protocol. The UDP transport layer protocol keeps track of all the data segments in each conversation. 41. To enhance security in a network, the network administrator uses these commands: Router(config)# line console 0 Router(config-line)# password j1mdi2 Router(config-line)# login What two conclusions are evident from these commands? (Choose two.) **Users who attempt to connect to the console port of the router ... more
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