Which RV is best for me, a motorhome, travel trailer, or something else?

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A motorhome is a good choice if you move around a lot with brief stays in each place; you probably won't need another vehicle for sightseeing or chores; if you need a vehicle, however, you can tow a small car or truck. An advantage of a motorhome over a towable RV (trailer or fifth wheel) is that you have access to the unit while you're on the road. It's easy to grab a snack, for example, or use the toilet (tell the driver to avoid fast turns!). A trailer or fifth wheeler is often the best choice for full-timers because they can park it and then drive the tow-vehicle. For RVers who spend weeks or even months in one place, a Fifth Wheeler or Trailer is often the best choice. Towable RVs are also much less expensive than motorized ones. A truck camper is an excellent choice if you already own a truck. You'd be surprised how many features are packed into these compact units. For infrequent family campers, and campers on a tight budget, a folding camping trailer is an excellent choice. ... more
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A motorhome is a good choice for those who will use the vehicle to move around a lot with brief stays in each place. Although many motorhomes are capable of towing a vehicle, motorhomes seem to be preferred by those who rarely need another vehicle to be available for sightseeing, or for going to and from the campsite. Motorhomes are also convenient for people who desire easy access to the unit and its amenities while on the road. Travel trailers and fifth wheel travel trailers are good options for those who spend weeks or months in one place, and require the use of their tow vehicle for running about from place to place. Truck campers are excellent choices for those who already own suitable vehicles on which to mount them. For campers on a tighter budget, folding camping trailers are the least expensive and lightest RVs, which can be pulled behind a medium-sized car. Our sales team is experienced in providing assistance to help identify the perfect RV for your budget, towing and ... more
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Yeah it is a nice choice for those who actually go for up and downs from one place to another place.

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