Which states require certification or training for drivers of "pilot" or "escort" vehicles?

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1 Answer

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 10 U.S. states mandate some type of pilot/escort driver certification. Only one Midwestern state, Kansas, has such a requirement. The other states are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Washington. Displaying "wide load" signage, warning flags and flashing lights, pilot vehicles are used to escort wide and oversized cargo pulled by tractor-trailer trucks. Their purpose is to protect the driving public as well as the oversized cargo. The pilot vehicles driver communicates with the operator of the tractor-trailer to keep him or her aware of driving and road conditions. States differ in their certification requirements; in Kansas, a defensive-driving class approved by the National Safety Council must be completed. Other states prerequisites include passing a test based on a manual for pilot drivers, holding a valid commercial drivers license, submitting to a vehicle inspection and ...
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