Which supermarket is cheaper - Safeway or Fred Meyer?

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1 Answer

Here in Alaska, Safeway is known as Carrs, btw. I'd never heard of Fred Meyer until I came to Alaska, at which time it was pointed out to me that they were part of the Kroger family of businesses, which I knew from my childhood in Ohio. I'm sure ya'll are fascinated by that piece of totally meaningless trivia. In any case, tho' I've got to admit that I've never done any sort of organized comparison shopping, from the items I have checked, usually the basics, Fred's has been the cheapest. Another friend says the same thing and she's far more of a penny-pinching soul than I am, so I would tend to go with Fred's. We do have a WalMart here, but at this point it's just a plain ol' WalMart, tho' what food items you can find there tend to be cheaper than Fred's. Right now the store is being remodeled and made into a super store, so will anxious to see what it does to prices around here. While we have about anything you could want to find here to buy, prices do tend to be higher here to ...
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