Which vessels are required to have approved Non-tank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRP)?

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1 Answer

Every self-propelled vessel of 400 gross tons or greater [measured in accordance with the International Tonnage Convention (ITC)], other than a tank vessel, that carries oil of any kind as fuel for main propulsion and that: Is a vessel of the United States; or Operates on the navigable waters of the United States must have an approved Non-tank Vessel Response Plan by August 8, 2005. Please note that these NTVRP are required by US federal regulations and having an approved State of California Non-tank Vessel Contingency Plan (CANTVCP) does not satisfy the requirements. Conversely, having a NTVRP does not exempt a vessel from having an approved CANTVCP. Other states such as Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Texas also may have their own particular requirements for vessels to enter their waters. These regulations do not apply to the following types of vessels: Public vessels and vessels deemed public vessels under 14 U.S.C. 827. Vessels of opportunity when conducting response operations in ... more
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