Who are some of the early women pioneer doctors in medicine?

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1 Answer

Elizabeth Blackwell, America's first woman doctor, graduates from Geneva Medical College in New York in 1849. The Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania is founded in 1850. The first medical school for women (it has been co-ed since 1969) is now known as the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Rebecca Lee, the first African-American woman doctor, graduates from the New England Female Medical College in Boston in 1864. University of Michigan is the first state medical school to fully accept women in 1870. University of California acquires the Toland School in San Francisco in 1873. As the UC is already co-educational, Toland accepts Maria Field Wanzer that year as its first female medical student. Maria Field Wanzer becomes the first woman graduate of Western medical schools in 1876. Alice Higgins is the first woman to graduate from the Medical College of the Pacific in 1877. The Medical College of the Pacific is renamed Cooper Medical College in 1882 and acquired by Stanford in 1908. ... more
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