Who are the famous filipino painters and their masterpieces as well?

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Who are the famous filipino painters and their masterpieces as well?

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Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto - AntipoloFernando Amorsolo y Cueto painted the famous "Antipolo" painting in 1947. The oil on canvas painting depicts a rural scene of Filipinos celebrating and dancing outside of the village.

There is an abundance of foods native to Filipino culture, including a roasted pig and other island fruits.



Félix Resurrección Hidalgo y Padilla - La Barca de AqueronteFélix Resurrección Hidalgo y Padilla painted the famous "La Barca de Aqueronte" painting in 1887. The name means "The Boat of Charon," who is the ferryman responsible for transporting the dead into Hades.

The oil on canvas painting depicting a scene inspired from "Dante’s Inferno" showing damned souls journeying toward Hades.

Charon’s figure is obscured in the painting itself, appearing more as a foreboding shadow adding to the fear and darkness of the piece.

Juan Luna - SpolariumJuan Luna painted the famous "Spolarium" painting in 1884. The oil on poplar piece depicts a Roman arena with bodies of fallen gladiators being dragged away into dark shadows.

The dominant color in the painting is black, but the most eye-popping is the red used in the gladiator attire, Roman attire, and the blood on the ground.


That’s a great question. I’ve never thought about who are the most famous Filipino painters. I’ve checked online, and I must say that I was astonished by the beauty of the paintings. I guess the fact that those painters were from Philippines is the only reason why they aren’t as famous as other european painters. I work with a different kind of painters, the ones from https://alextrendpainters.ie/, which is a company specialized in painting and decoration. I will definitely show these paintings to them and I think it will be a great inspiration for them.


Fernando Amorsolo List of his masterpieces are 1920 – My Wife, Salud 1921 – Maiden in a Stream, GSIS Collection 1922 – Rice Planting 1928 – El Ciego, Central Bank of the Philippines Collection 1931 – The Conversion of the Filipinos 1936 – Dalagang Bukid, Club Filipino Collection 1939 – Afternoon Meal of the Workers (also known as Noonday Meal of the Rice Workers) 1942 – The Rape of Manila 1942 – The Bombing of the Intendencia 1943 – The Mestiza, National Museum of the Philippines Collection 1944 – The Explosion 1945 – Defense of a Filipina Woman’s Honor, oil on canvas (60.5 in x 36 in) 1945 – The Burning of Manila 1946 – Planting Rice, United Coconut Planters Bank Collection 1950 – Our Lady of Light 1958 – Sunday Morning Going To Town, Ayala Museum Collection The First Baptism in the Philippines – Cebu High School Princess Urduja Sale of Panay Early Sulu Wedding Early Filipino State Wedding Traders Sikatuna The First Mass in the Philippines The Building of Intramuros Burning of the Ido

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