Who came up with "The Great Compromise"?

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1 Answer

Connecticut Compromise of 1787 in the United States, also known as the Great Compromise, was one of the most important compromises reached in the United States. It created a bicameral, legislative body for the United States. The Great Compromise was to work out the number of representation each state would have in Congress. After much arguing, the representatives decided that the Virginia Plan (a plan which was to be based on population) and the New Jersey Plan (a plan which called for equal representation) were to be combined. Roger Sherman, from Connecticut, played a large role in constructing the Compromise, creating the Senate and House of Representatives. The small states, with low populations, wanted their voices in the governing of the US to equal those of larger and more populated states like Virginia and New York. The more populous states, like Virginia, wanted representation in proportion to population. This way, they would have more control over what happened in America. ... more
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