Who can become an online tutor?


become an online tutor


Anyone can become an online tutor.

You see, regular schools have regulations on who can teach, and they have to follow those regulations or they won’t be able to issue students valid accreditations — they won’t be recognized as valid schools by the state.

However, online tutors — and private tutors in general — aren’t there to give people accreditation. They are there to support students as they work their way through a curriculum. As a result, private tutors often don’t need to have any sort of qualifications themselves, be it in the real world or on the internet.

The specific details of the profession vary from country to country, of course, and some tutoring sites do require that tutors be qualified. But in general, anyone can be an online tutor. Many sites have zero requirements to join, and if you aren’t happy with the existing sites, you can just create your own.

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