eskrima study

Who is Eskrima for? Eskrima can be studied by men and women aged 16 years and above. It is for anyone who wishes to gain not only the ability to defend themselves but who also wishes to develop self-esteem and self-discipline. There is no need initially to be very strong or have a great deal of stamina. The training will itself develop these attributes over a period of time, so even a complete novice to martial arts will be able to cope. You do not need to have any previous martial arts experience or qualifications. It is of course always recommended that anybody who has a medical condition or has been physically inactive for a long period of time should seek advice from their GP with regards to starting any new course of physical activity, but Eskrima can often be beneficial in such cases. In the Philippines many of the top practitioners are well over 60 years old evidencing the health benefits of the training. In essence all you need to have is enthusiasm and the desire to try someth