Who cannot donate blood ?

blood donate

Some people can be deferred from donating blood temporarily or permanently. Some of these reasons are: Temporarily Deferred: People who: • Have had a heart attack in the last six to twelve months. • Have had malaria in the last three years. • Have visited areas where malaria is found in the last year. • Have received blood, plasma or other types of components in the last year. • Have been tattooed in the last year. • Have had cardiac surgery in the last year or those who have not completely recuperated from the surgery and who are taking cardiovascular medicine. • Have been exposed to someone with hepatitis within the last year. • Are not feeling well the day of the blood donation. • Have taken antibiotics within the last 24 to 72 hours. ***Women who are pregnant or have had an abortion in the last 6 weeks are temporarily deferred*** Permanently Deferred: People who: • Have had hepatitis at age eleven or older. • Have received chemotherapy or radiation for the treatment of cancer. • Ar