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A. HIPAA affects everyone in our SACE. HIPAA clearly applies to clinical operations. However, the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules touch research, marketing, fundraising, and other activities. Medical researchers often rely on PHI. HIPAA insists that researchers get patient authorization and IRB approval before using or disclosing PHI. Our OHCA contains a number of non-profit institutions. Our patients are a primary audience for marketing and fundraising initiatives that benefit the School of Medicine and its departments. PHI is also used and disclosed when teaching medical and other health professions students. Anyone who works with or accesses PHI is affected by HIPAA even if they are not in our SACE or OHCA. Business associates are outside individuals or firms to whom we give access to our patient data. In return, they give us services. Business associates are subject to many of HIPAA’s requirements. more
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HIPAA is a regulation that affects the entire health care system from patients to employers, health plans, physician offices, hospitals, optometric offices, dental offices, billing companies, healthcare clearing houses and other entities providing healthcare treatment. This not only includes clinical patients but research subjects and health information in student records, etc. What is the scope of HIPAA? HIPAA affects the privacy and security of protected health information. Why do you need to know about HIPAA? HIPAA is federal law. It requires all health personnel to be educated about HIPAA policies and procedures. It includes anyone who does or might have access to any patient information. ALL IU School of Optometry faculty, staff, and students must complete the training. What will be covered in this module? Information about HIPAA and how it influences policy, procedures, and your job duties in regards to patient health information security. HIPAA's main areas of standards • The ... more
HIPAA regulations apply to all health care providers and associates, including those administering health care plans, authorizing services, coordinating benefits or payment, providing direct health care services, providing information services related to service delivery and so forth. In short, everyone connected with the delivery of health care services either directly or indirectly is affected. Adult day services, especially adult day health programs, will be accountable for implementing the HIPAA rules and guidelines. What will be the impact of HIPAA on Adult Day Services? The full impact of this legislation on our industry is hard to predict. Broadly, HIPAA will impact centers in: • Operational policy and procedures • Staff training and orientation programs • Information technology systems • Community collaboration and networking • Finances More specifically, HIPAA will require organizational change for many programs. The privacy requirements will affect how adult day centers ...
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Health insurers Doctors Hospitals Employers who provide health insurance Life insurers Anyone who uses health care or health insurance Public health authorities Billing agencies Information system vendors Health service organizations more
• Health insurers • Doctors • Hospitals • Employers who provide health insurance • Life insurers • Anyone who uses health care or health insurance • Public health authorities • Billing agencies • Information system vendors • Health service organizations back to top What will HIPAA change? HIPAA is an extensive law made up of five titles with many complexities. Numerous regulations are still under development and are not final. The four main areas of focus are administrative simplification, fraud and abuse, insurance reform and HIPAA companion legislation. back to top Administrative simplification Administrative simplification is broken down into several sections. • Electronic health transaction standards and code sets – The implementation of a national standard for transmitting health data electronically and the use of standard code sets that describe diseases, injuries and other health problems. • Unique identifiers* – A system that uses one identification number per employer, ... more
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Health care workers must be well versed with various provisions of HIPAA as better provisions results into good compliance.Bright stone consulting(http://www.brightstoneconsulting.com/our-services/hippa-and-healthcare-training) provides HIPAA training to heathcare workers which helps the employees to boost the confidence they need when they process and transmit the medical records of the patients.

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