Who invented the snowboard?

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Lets take a look at some snowboarding history...it is difficult to say who actually "invented" the first snowboard. People would have always figured out how to slide down a hill on some sled, thus it would be unfair to point out one specific person, who came up with "the first" snowboard. There were some people, though, who built snowboard like sleds before. One of them was M.J. "Jack" Burchett. He cut out a plank of plywood in 1929 and tried to secure his feet with some clothesline and horse reins. Burchett came up with on of the first "snowboards". Before the next step for the snowboard was taken, it had to wait over 30 years until 1965. The First Known Snowboard First known snowboard was made in the United States, from plywood by a man named Tom Sims in the year 1963. Tom Sims made a snowboard for his eight grade technical class. Tom called the first snowboard a ski board. Later Tom Sims opened his own snowboard company that had a big impact on the world of snowboarding in the ... more
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If you're getting ready for winter, you may be digging out your snowboard. An engineer invented the snowboard 34 years ago. With some engineering twists and turns along the way, it has become a marvel of geometry, chemistry and bio-mechanics. Since the snowboard allowed deft turns, ski manufacturers quickly adopted some of the innovations, allowing skiers to turn without effort. Even more recently, engineers are using "smart" ceramics embedded in skis to reduce the vibration between the skis and the snow. The same technology is being used in baseball bats to reduce the "strain energy" when the bat vibrates. Be a sport. Learn more about engineering. -Courtesy of discoverengineering. more

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