Who Invented the Stove Oven?

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It is hard to pinpoint the origins of the stove oven. From electric, to gas, to solar, to slow cooker, to hot plate, and pressure cooker, the stove oven has evolved to fit the lifestyle and the needs of the community it serves. Before central heating, stoves served a dual purpose--to heat living quarters and to cook food. While this continues to be the use in most developing nations, the stove oven has gone through many transformations. This article will discuss the people and the patents that mark the history of the stove oven. Types There are many different types of stove ovens. By definition a stove is simply an enclosed place in which some sort of fire or fuel is burned to heat an area. As central heating systems and kitchen stoves have evolved, the traditional stove oven has become a relic. Francois Cuvillies, a French architect created the first "enclosed stove" in 1735. Called the Castrol stove, it was covered on all sides by brick walls and finished with an iron plate on top. ... more
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