Who is Leonard Stabb, and why are people asking about him?

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Leonard Staab was the second actor to play Hart Jessup [the others were (1) Jeff Phillips [ICK!], (3) Sean McDermott, (4) Marshall Hilliard & (5) Frank Grillo]. Stabb was in a serious hang-gliding accident in upstate New York in 1993. He crashed into a tree, and was in a coma for a long time. CW posted the following after he emerged from his coma: Just read in Soap Opera Weekly that Lenoard Stabb is still in rehab and is making slow but steady progress. However, he is only just beginning to recognize some of his visitors and call them by name. I don't think he will be ready to go back to GL for a _long_ time--in fact, he may never be able to. Stabb was a little stiff and played a more angry Hart than Phillips. However, I am of the opinion that he was really growing into the role when the accident occurred. Sean McDermott was brought in on a short- term basis to provide another exit for Hart (if Stabb had not been injured, I'm sure Hart would not have left town again). more
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