Who is the adjudicated father?

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1 Answer

An adjudicated father is a man who has been found to be the father of a child by a court. Under what circumstances is a parentage suit filed? A parentage suit is filed when there is a need or a desire to legally determine the biological parent of the child. Who may file a parentage suit? Generally the following people may file: 1. the mother; 2. the man who wants to determine his parentage; 3. a relative of the child's mother or alleged father if that parent is deceased; 4. the child (either individually or through a representative); 5. a government agency; or 6. any person related to the mother of the child (within the second degree of consanguinity) if the mother is deceased. You should consult an attorney for more clarification on this issue. When can you file? A suit to determine the parentage of a child may always be brought before the birth of the child. If the child does not have a presumed, acknowledged or adjudicated father, the suit to determine parentage may be filed at ... more
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