Who is the responding party?


A. The responding party is the party who responds to a demand for arbitration, by filing a Response to Demand. The responding party may or may not include a claim for compensable injuries with his/her response. If the initiating party has filed his/her claim with an ADR forum, the forum will usually have a response form for the responding party to utilize in making his/her defense and asserting his/her claims. For cases where no ADR forum is identified in the contract documents, and the initiating party has not filed with a particular ADR forum, the responding party can serve a document like “Response to Demand”, GAMA Form document #102. To see this sample form, click here. This response document may or may not included a claim or counter-claim for compensable injuries. Because different states do have different requirements regarding the timing and content of arbitration responses and counterclaims it is recommended that you consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction when you first