Who is the youngest person ever to write and publish a novel?

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1 Answer

INVERNESS, Scotland, Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Scotland's Aultbea Publishing has made Christopher Beale, 6, the youngest person ever to have a published novel by launching his five-chapter work. The publisher, based in the Scottish city of Inverness, released Beale's "This and Last Season's Excursions" in London Sunday, effectively making Beale the Guinness Book of World Records' youngest published author on record, the Scotsman reported. "It's a very exciting story and there's going to be a huge amount of publicity worldwide on this," said Charles Faulkner, the owner of the publishing house. "Because of the way it's written, it raises consciousness in the child reader. The world record is a bonus." Aultbea Publishing Manager Lisa Redwood admits there is some truth to criticism that the company accepts payment for publishing books. "We have done it in the past," Redwood admitted. "As of next year, we are not doing it any more." Redwood said the company did not receive money to publish Beale's ...
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