Who May File a Health Plan Appeal OR State Fair Hearing?

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You or someone you name to act for you (your authorized representative) may file an appeal. You can name a relative, friend, advocate, attorney, doctor, or someone else to act for you. Others also already may be authorized under State law to act for you. If you want someone to act for you, you and your authorized representative must sign, date and send us a statement naming that person to act for you. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR HEALTH PLAN APPEAL RIGHTS For more information about your appeal rights, call us or see your Certificate of Coverage. There are Two Kinds of Appeals You May File Standard (30 days) – You can ask for a standard appeal. Within 10 days we will tell you that we received your appeal. We must give you a decision no later than 30 days after we get your appeal. (We may extend this time by up to 14 days, if you request an extension or if we need additional information and the extension benefits you. We will tell you if we are taking the extra time and why . ) ...
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