Who oversees Kenneth Copeland Ministries? If Kenneth Copeland Ministries has a board of directors, who serves on the board?

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1 Answer

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is overseen by its Board of Directors (the "Board") who consist of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and nine other members. None of the other Board members is related to the Copelands and none is employed by the Church. The occupations or callings of the members of Kenneth Copeland Ministries Board are as follows: Oklahoma architect, Husband and wife pastors from Minnesota, Missouri businessman, Texas pastor, Husband and wife pastors from Texas, Louisiana evangelist, and Arkansas businessman. The Board members are mindful of their responsibility to act in the best interests of the Church as an entity, to not allow any person to use Church resources for personal inurement or benefit, to avoid conflicts of interest, and to exercise due diligence with respect to Church affairs.
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