Who regulates funeral homes and cemeteries?

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1 Answer

Most laws regulating funeral homes and cemeteries are developed and enforced at the state level. Illinois, like many other states, has recently strengthened its laws regulating both funeral homes and cemeteries. The State Comptroller's office now provides literature and a hotline for consumer questions and complaints. Their toll free number is 877-203-3401. At the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers some protection to the consumer of funeral and cemetery services through its funeral rule. It is this rule that mandates that funeral homes give customers a detailed written price list for services. However, the FTC has little power of enforcement and many critics believe it has not used the powers it has. A move to strengthen the FTC's capabilities is likely to be introduced in Congress shortly. Even with what seems to be an increased effort at regulation and enforcement, there is no way laws can protect consumers against such legal but widespread practices as ... more
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