Who sang "Cherokee People" or "Cherokee Nation"?

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The song I believe you are referring to is best known as "Indian Reservation". It was written by John D. Loudermilk and first recorded in 1959 by Marvin Rainwater and released under the name The Pale Faced Indian. The first hit version of the song was the 1968 cover by Don Fardon and named Indian Reservation. It reached #20 on the U.S. Billboard and #3 on the U.K. Singles Chart. Paul Revere & the Raiders also recorded the song in 1971 and it was released under the Columbia Records label. It became #1 on the U.S. charts and earned the RIAA Gold certification for selling over a million copies. In 1979, the song was covered again by Orlando Riva Sound. In 1981, the U.K. punk band named 999 released a cover version under the Albion Ion label. It reached #51 on the U.K. charts. In 1994, Tim McGraw used the Cherokee People part of the main chorus at the end of his hit song named Indian Outlaw from his album titled Not a Moment Too Soon. The song was his fourth single and his first Top 40 ...
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