who should not have an MRI.


For the vast majority of people, there is no danger associated with having an MRI scan. For those people who have had the following should not undergo MRI: • pacemakers • implanted insulin pumps • aneurysm clips • vascular coils and filters • heart valves • ear implants • surgical staples and wires One must inform the radiologist and technologist at the time of the exam if you are pregnant. Why are MRIs so noisy? Some MRI are very noisy some are not. The noise is due to the vibration in the machine and it is best to bring a set of ear plus. The new versions of MRI are less noisy. In addition, one may feel claustrophobic while in the tunnel. However, the new versions of “open” MRI do decrease such a feeling. How long will the scan take? Due to the fact that the MRI scan is a T2 weighted image only, the exam usually takes 5-10 minutes. What if an abnormality is found on my MRI? If the scan is abnormal, you will be referred to your physician for further work up and advice. Sometimes a mor