Who started the F.B.I?


Bonaparte was the Attorney General under whom the Bureau of Investigation was founded in 1908 and the modern Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI considers 2008 its official centennial year. J. Edgar Hoover became Director of the Bureau in 1924. Its name was changed to the U.S. Bureau of Investigation in 1932 and it was merged in 1933 (near the end of Prohibition) with the Prohibition Bureau to form the Division of Investigation. The merger did not last beyond Repeal but the name remained until July 1935 when the former Bureau of Investigation was officially renamed the FBI. Hoover did not form the Bureau of Investigation and it was not involved in bootlegging investigations during the 1920s. It first achieved power and prominence under Hoover in 1934, however, with the passage of new federal anti-crime laws which greatly expanded the agency’s jurisdiction and the police powers of its agents.