Who was the first European to visit Niagara Falls?

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1 Answer

The answer to this question is not as clear as one would expect. The simple reason is the conflicting historical reports and how they were translated over the years. History tells us this: In September of 1615, the first European, Etienne Brule arrived in Niagara. This signalled the beginning of the onslaught of European explorers coming to the "New World" (North America) including Niagara. Brule is said to have been the first of the white missionaries to visit the Neutral Indians along the banks of the Niagara River. Thus it is reasonable to assume Brule was probable the first to visit the Falls of Niagara. Brule was an agent for Samuel de Chaplain, founder of "New France" who had heard of the Falls of Niagara from the Indians in 1603. The Brule route however is historically suspect some historians think that Brule never went via Lake Ontario or the falls they would suggest he entered Lake Erie via the Grand River and by passed the falls for fear of the Seneca. He then went east to ...
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