Why a lithium battery is a dangerous battery than alkaline battery?

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Just to be clear, there are two types of batteries here, lithium and lithium-ion. Lithium batteries have a lithium electrode and are disposable. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and are the ones used in laptops, cell phones, etc. Lithium batteries can discharge quickly and have a high energy storage capacity, so if you have a short circuit, it can generate a lot of heat and vaporize the water in the electrolyte causing an explosion. This is why many of them today have either vent or a current limiting device built in. For the much the same reasons, a lithium-ion battery has the same protection, although the energy storage capacity on a unit volume is not as high as lithium batteries. I would not characterize either battery as "unstable" or "ready to explode". As with any technology, they have limitations that must be realized. I've seen a transformer that plugs into the wall short circuit and cause a fire. If you have energy, this stuff can happen. more
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