Why are a lot of people who are good spellers bad at maths and vica versa??

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1) You do not seem to be the excellent speller you think to be, as noticed in that other answer: http://www.answerbag.com/a_view/8634110 2) Math and spelling seem to demand various skills. As a consequence, some could be good at one and poor at the other. And of course, some could also be good (or poor) at both. "Bandler and Grinder were approached by a teacher with a group of students who were lousy spellers. Because Bandler and Grinder had a reputation for being able to uncover and explain thinking processes, the teacher asked their help finding a way to teach these "poor spellers" to spell. Bandler and Grinder accepted the challenge. And the first thing they said was, "Let's find out how people spell!" What Bandler and Grinder realized is that spelling is a classic example of a subject that everyone teaches without actually telling you how to do it. In other words, spelling is usually taught by giving students the content i.e., showing the end result you're supposed to end up with ...
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