Why are Airstreams so expensive?

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1 Answer

Airstreams are renowned for their amazing quality and meticulous attention to detail. According to the airstream site, "Airstreams are still years ahead of all other makes in style, strength, lightness, durability, quality and comfort. From casual travel with overnight stops to full-time living on the go, Airstream cannot be equaled." Airstreams are made from "the ground up according to the artisanship of veteran Airstream craftsmen. " Airstream's unique construction process is very labor intensive and does increase the price of their products, but they believe customers are willing to pay for the extra effort. Heres an excerpt from the site explaining about why airstreams are so expensive: Airstream's proprietary construction process also ensures easy serviceability for all coach components. Everything, from the furniture to the appliances, is brought in through the door of the coach for installation. This means that any item needing service can easily be accessed and even removed ...
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