Why are ear piercings "socially acceptable," and pretty much anything else isn't?

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1) Because in our society, it is socially acceptable to have ear piercings. Anywhere else is considered "counter culture." There are some serious implications of this. Good luck finding a decent job with facial piercings! If you get an ear peircing you later regret, it will most likely close up (mine did). If you have a piercing elsewhere, it may stay forever. I had my navel pierced when I was 18 (this was back when THAT was a big deal). By the time I was 23, I no longer wore a ring in my navel. I still have a hole there. Yuck. I am now a mother of 2 kids, and it's been more than a decade since I was pierced. Bad decision. 2) You are looking at putting a hole in your FACE. Not a great idea. It's like getting a tatoo when you are young. You simply do not have the perspective to make such a permanent decision. You say that you are willing to put up with the consequences. However, until people (even mature ones) are at least in their 20's (normally later), they really don't get what the ... more
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