Why are goals important in school curriculum planning?

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1 Answer

A curriculum serves as the guide for teachers, students and parents for the entire school year. As with any guide, it is crucial to first have a destination or goal that is obtainable. Without goals, the curriculum could steer everyone on a confusing and even backwards path.StandardsCurriculum goals help define the standards that the curriculum materials need to be helping students meet.AccountabilityCurriculum goals hold teachers accountable to the curriculum they are designing. It should be open to both parents and administrators to question the objectives of a teacher's methods.CommunicationCurriculum goals communicate to others, who may be helping the teacher design lesson plans, unit plans and other curriculum material, what the plans need to achieve.OrganizationCurriculum goals should be laid out in a manner that is easy to read and helps everyone stay on target. A chart is a common way to outline curriculum goals.AssessmentA teacher should always be assessing himself.
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