Why Are Some Gemstones Called Precious And Others Called Semi-Precious?

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1 Answer

Why do they call some Gemstones "Precious" and others they call "Semi-Precious"? Is there really a reason? Aren't all Gemstones Precious? Only Three Gemstones have the title of "Precious" attached to them. They are: Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. These 3 Gemstones are named Precious for a couple of reasons: 1) They are Valuable. 2) It's rare to find decent Quality, like Color or... Read more... Hottest Jewelry Gifts This Christmas Season 2009! Top Ten Hot Jewelry Items, Stocking Stuffers & Presents This Christmas 09! These are the Hottest Jewelry Presents this year! Christmas 2009 just wouldn't be the same without these Top Ten Jewelry Gifts! Below are Ten of the Biggest Sellers this Season (in no particular order). So if you want to know what you should Buy this Christmas Holiday... These are the perfect Stocking Stuffers! The Ten Best and Hottest Jewelry Items are: 1) Pandora Bracelets... Read more... What Are Interlocking Wedding Rings? Why Interlocking Wedding Sets and Bridal Rings ... more
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