Why are some people so arrogant?

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You've described my coworkers: They're arrogant because they're Opportunists. Opportunists take advantage of a gullible management system by getting friendly with, sucking up to, and spying for managment. By doing so, and since management's "on their side", they feel and know they can do/say anything they want and not be written up or fired-especially if they're civil servants. They also think they're invincible. They also intimidate-or try to. By doing that, it gives them a sick feeling of "empowerment" or "control" - especially if they've been working on a job for years and have "senority." They play schoolyard games. Backstabbing, lying and conniving's part of their personalities. They have no life outside the workplace. Their job is their life. My coworker would sometimes call in on her day off-no lie. What they don't get is-the same person they're sucking up and spying for could be the same person who'll chew them up and spit them out when/if they get tired of using them; or if/ ... more
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