Why are the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms worse at night?

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1 Answer

As the name suggests, these are night splints, so are to be worn during the night. This is because the symptoms are maximal at night and because, the natural position of the wrist at night is a flexed (bent) position. The splints prevent such a bent position. When the wrist is in a bent (flexed) position the surface area within the carpal tunnel is reduced, thereby pinching the Median Nerve and therefore, the symptoms are worse at night, as explained above. Non Surgical Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The treatment modalities for non surgical cure are:- * Night Splints * Use of warm water bath or soaks – some patients find it helpful * Steroid Injections into the Carpal Tunnel The above cures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are temporary and the only permanent cure is surgery or Carpal Tunnel Decompression! Though many patients get transient relief, many have to have surgery.
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