Why are the email notifications sent from donotreply@sagepay.com?

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1 Answer

All confirmation e-mails are now sent from ‘donotreply@sagepay.com’. The reason for this is because the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is becoming extensively used these days. The aim is to prevent SPAM e-mails, by only allowing certain servers to send mails from certain e-mail addresses. So whilst we can send mails from sagepay.com, for a mail server with SPF in place we could not send mails from jamesgadgets.com (example) because we are not registered to do so. We cannot register ourselves either, so the mail simply bounces. So please ensure you have amended your e-mail settings to allow e-mails to be received from ‘donotreply@sagepay.com, otherwise your e-mail settings may have filtered these e-mails into your spam folder. more
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