Why are there two different application deadlines (Nov. 1 & Feb. 1) and what needs to be submitted by the Nov. 1 deadline?


The November 1 deadline is for international applicants* and domestic applicants or US Residents who have a degree from an institution overseas. *An International applicant is someone who currently holds or expects a temporary U.S. visa. This includes holders of H1-B, J-1 exchange visitors or any other non-immigrant classifications. U.S. permanent residents (i.e. Green Card holders or immigrants) are not considered international applicants. The February 1 deadline is for domestic applicants or legal immigrants who have a degree from a US institution. The November 1 deadline is to allow the Graduate Admissions Office sufficient time to evaluate international transcripts prior to the February 1 department deadline. Graduate Admissions strongly encourages submission of these materials by the deadline. Please check with the department if you cannot have your official transcripts sent to Graduate Admissions prior to November 1.

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