Why bronze statues are so expensive?

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1 Answer

Did you know that bronze statues last forever? Well, at least for thousands of years. It takes a lot of experience to create them, no wonder they are pricey. A bronze sculpture collection can be a very good investment. A quality bronze sculpture done by a talented artist will increase in value as years go by, and sentimentally it will "grow" on you. Here at BronzePortraits.net we create with skill and passion, every client is special to us. The sculptors will personally work with you to make sure every special request and every detail looks exactly as you want. If you live outside Salt Lake City we will e-mail you pictures of the statue in progress. The statues are created one at a time, sculpted by skilled artists' hands. No project is quite the same and it takes time and a total dedication from the sculptor to express an idea or movement just as the client imagines it. This gift of seeing a future statue through the clients eyes makes our studio unique. Our statues are cast in ... more
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