Why Can Boys Hold Their Breath Longer Than Girls?

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Q. I did a science fair project on “who can hold their breath longer: boys or girls” and my results came out that boys held their breath longer than girls. Why can boys hold their breath longer than girls (these were 11- and 12-year-olds)? Thank you. Cassie A. Dear Cassie, They probably try harder, just to “show off.” I know of no studies that show that sex determines breath-holding ability. Dr. Tom Conflicting Opinions about My Lungs, What Should I Do? Q. I am a Kaiser patient. This December close to Christmas, I came down with influenza (forgot to get flu shot). It was bad and I had to be rehydrated in the E.R. on Christmas evening. I also had a bladder infection. I did not fully recover until the end of January. I was coughing up gunk until then. While I still had the flu, I was diagnosed with COPD via a many-sided lung x-ray on January 4 and a spirometry test on January 19. The pulmonologist diagnosed as moderate COPD. My FEV1 was 65%. I am confused because the radiologist and my ... more
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