Why can't an aquarius show affection?

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Hi I'm an Aquarius.......It's not really that much of a mystery....lol....... It's just in the Aquarian nature just like it is in a Cancers nature ot an Arians nature to do what they do. Aquarians are the most detached, aloof, and "unemotional" signs of the zodiac. I don't think people get it just because it says we don't have emotions doesn't mean they aren't there. Aquarians are bottled up & it is uncomfortable for them to show feelings. They care more than anyone would think & they feel more too. People have no idea what goes on within an Aquarian. Feelings get hurt like anyone else's it is just Aquarians have a different way to express emotions. Instead of showing them they reflect & think on them & they talk about things in a very detached way. Thats why they like to be alone so they can do their Aqaurian magic & feel better & let everything out. Feelings are jumbled & others can't be handled. Aquarians feel a lot more that you would think too. Affection wants to be expressed, ... more
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