Why can't I get a TicketMaster site to come up?

 I can't get TicketMaster site to come up. I am a Safari user but have also tried Zimbra. I've tried both using direct links to tickets (to TM) from emails and typing it in myself. I surfed a ticketmaster Help link, but it's Ticketmaster and even their help page link won't open! I've always used TicketM from a Mac before. Does anyone know what's up?!!! I've missed out on 'presale' opportunities to two different concerts now! Can't even get to TM to see if tickets still available. 

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1 Answer


Try accessing Ticketmaster from another browser like Firefox on your Mac. You could be having connectivity issues, but if you continue to experience trouble with the site, here is an external resource that offers help with Ticketmaster: http://ticketmasterus.custhelp.com/app/askNoTabs

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