Why can't I use Progesterone and Estriol together in just one creme?

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1 Answer

Progesterone and Estrogen are dosed differently. You use Progesterone on a cyclical basis. If you are premenopausal, you would use progesterone for 2 or 3 weeks out of the month, depending on age. If you are postmenopausal or have had a hysterectomy, you use Progesterone 3 weeks out of the month. Estriol can be used every day or just a few times a week, depending on the amount needed to control symptoms. You can also increase or decrease the dosage as needed of estrogen in response to your symptoms, anywhere from 1-4 mg per day. If the creams are combined in a formula, there is no way to control your dosage. It is also good to take a week off from using estriol as you do progesterone. Natural Radiance TM Real Estrogen Creme Active Ingredient: 50 mg Micronized Natural Estriol USP. Inert Ingredients: Purified Water, Lanol (vegetable ester), Aloe Vera, Sepigel, Essential Omega Oils, Potassium Sorbate. Sorbic Acid ESTROGEN CREME (Estriol) 2 oz Jar or Pump Bottle Active Ingredient: 50 mg ... more
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