Why choose Airbrush and Mineral Make-up?

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1 Answer

• The make-up lasts all day • Gives an even and flawless coverage • Gives more coverage with less make-up so that your skin feels light and fresh • Looks natural • Gives a radiant glow • Eliminates dark circles and discolorations • Enhances your skin tone while allowing your natural radiance to shine through • Mineral make-up is natural, free of oils and talc, free of alcohol perfumes and dyes, is water resistant, anti-Inflammatory and has a natural SPF 20 Why Spray on Tan? Professional airbrush application requires little time and delivers exceptionally even colorusing a state of the art delivery system. Achieve a natural looking tan without the risk of wrinkles and skin cancer. The fine mist from the airbrush ensures a perfectly even application to the skins surface giving you a fabulous "sunless" tan.We can custom blend from 10 different sun sprays to create the color best suited for you. Eleven Good Reasons To Use Sunless Tanners: • You can get a sunless tan even if you can't get ... more
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